Roblox Universe Event 2018: A Space Odyssey

Space-themed Roblox Universe Event 2018 was held from June 26 to July 10, 2018. The challenge pushed participants to investigate many planets, galaxies, and dimensions in an event that was inspired by the wonders and mysteries of the cosmos. Three games were available during the event: Heroes of Robloxia, Summoner Tycoon, and Gravity Shift. Players might obtain a different reward for each game by fulfilling specific objectives.

What was the event about and what were the prizes?

The purpose of the event was to explore the cosmos and find new worlds while avoiding perils and adversaries. By participating in the three highlighted games, gamers might win one of three prizes throughout the event. The winners were:

Hat of the Void: A black top hat featuring a star on the front and a purple galaxy motif. Playing the science fiction game Gravity Shift required players to control gravity and gather cubes to get the headgear.
A green rucksack with two extraterrestrial eyes and antennas. Playing the game Summoner Tycoon required players to summon and battle aliens in a future arena to earn the backpack.
Satell-cap: A red Roblox logo on a white satellite dish cap. Playing the game Heroes of Robloxia, in which players teamed up with superheroes to stop an evil villain from destroying the universe, allowed them to receive the headgear.

How to play Gravity Shift and get the Hat of the Void?

In the game Gravity Shift, developed by Meguy1, players had to manipulate gravity with their gravity pistol to go past obstacles and solve puzzles. In a dedicated segment of the game, players had to find and gather fifteen bright cubes concealed across several stages. For players to get the Hat of the Void, they needed to:

Click the purple portal in the lobby to go to the Universe Event area of the game.
Navigate through each maze and gather each luminous cube. Usually, the cubes were hidden in awkward locations like above spikes, beneath platforms, or behind walls.
Once you’ve gathered all 15 cubes, go back to the lobby and select the purple gateway once again. The player will receive the Hat of the Void.

How to play Summoner Tycoon and get the Alien Backpack?

To engage in combat with both enemies and other players, players in the Albatross Studio game Summoner Tycoon had to summon and enhance a variety of weapons and animals. There was a unique event mode in the game where players had to battle alien invaders and complete a memory challenge. To obtain the Alien Backpack, players needed to:

Click the green button in the lobby to go to the Universe Event mode.
Complete the 15 stages of a memory game in which participants had to repeat and commit a sequence of colors to memory. As the levels advanced, the challenge became more challenging due to increased color and pace.
Enter the arena after figuring out the riddle, then take down 300 alien adversaries and 3 alien bosses. The bosses were larger and considerably tougher than the common adversaries, and the aliens had varied strengths and abilities. The player will receive the creature backpack when eliminating every creature.

roblox universe event 2018

How to play Heroes of Robloxia and get the Satell-Hat?

In Team Super’s game Heroes of Robloxia, players had to select from four different superheroes and utilize their abilities to battle a variety of evildoers and crimes. Players had to stop the evil alien tyrant Cosminus from destroying the cosmos in a brand-new mission designed specifically for the game. For players to obtain the Satell-Hat, they needed to:

Join a four-player team by choosing a superhero. The superheroes were the telekinetic Kinetic, the electric manipulator Tessla, the speedy Overdrive, and the laser-wielding Cyclops. Win Task 5 by eliminating Cosminus and his henchmen. A space station, a moon base, a wormhole, and a climactic fight comprised the mission’s four components. To defeat the obstacles and adversaries, the mission required cooperation, coordination, and planning. The player will receive the Satell-Hat upon mission completion.

What were the challenges and criticisms of the event?

The occasion wasn’t without its problems and shortcomings. Among the difficulties and objections raised by the occasion were:

There weren’t enough gifts, and the event was too brief. There were just three awards in this event, as opposed to the ten in the Universe event from the previous year. Some participants thought the awards were unoriginal and unappealing and that the event was not worth their time and effort.
It was a really difficult and frustrating experience. Some of the difficult and time-consuming tasks needed to get the prizes included gathering 15 cubes in Gravity Shift, finishing 15 stages of a memory game in Summoner Tycoon, and finishing an arduous and slow quest in Heroes of Robloxia. The complexity and frustration of the event caused several participants to give up or quit.
The event had too many glitches and bugs. Technical problems and mistakes in a few of the games impacted both the gameplay and the awarding of prizes. Heroes of Robloxia experienced issues with loading and freezing; Gravity Shift encountered issues with the gravity cannon and cube detection; and Summoner Tycoon encountered issues with the puzzle and the alien counter. Even after finishing the tasks, some players did not receive their prizes, or they received them more than once.
What were the advantages and results of the occasion?

Notwithstanding the difficulties and objections, the occasion also produced several advantageous outcomes. Among the advantages and results of the occasion were:

The occasion was entertaining and lively. A few participants said the games were engaging and amusing, and they also liked the event. Puzzle, tycoon, and action games were among the genres and gameplay options available at the event. The event included a space adventure and a cosmic tale as part of its imaginative and fascinating concept.
The occasion was instructive and useful. The experience and the games taught some players new information about aliens, superheroes, gravity, and memory. Some gamers were also motivated to explore and learn more about the mysteries of the cosmos by the incident.
It was a cooperative and social occasion. During the gathering and the games, a few participants socialized and formed new friendships. Particularly in Heroes of Robloxia, where players had to collaborate and coordinate with their colleagues to achieve the quest, the event promoted cooperation and communication.


The 2018 Roblox Universe Event had a space theme and included three games along with three prizes. There were benefits and downsides to the event, with some players enjoying it and others not so much. There were issues and complaints with the event, including it being too hard, too short, and too buggy. The event did, however, have some advantages and results, such as being enjoyable, instructive, and sociable. For many participants, the event was a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience that also served as a demonstration of Roblox’s creativity and variety.


  1. Can I still get the event items? Unfortunately, no. The event-exclusive items were limited-time rewards and are no longer obtainable.
  2. Will there be another universe event? While there’s no official confirmation, Roblox frequently hosts exciting in-game events. Keep an eye out for announcements!
  3. What were the biggest challenges of the event? “Cosminus Chaos” in Heroes of Robloxia was known for its difficulty, requiring coordination and perseverance.
  4. What were some memorable community moments? Players often collaborated to overcome challenges, shared strategies online and celebrated each other’s achievements.
  5. Where can I learn more about Roblox events? Check the official Roblox blog, social media channels, and community forums for news and updates on upcoming events.

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