Arturo Moreno: The Unsung Hero of The Terminal List

Though the main character in Amazon’s popular thriller “The Terminal List,” played by Chris Pratt as James Reece, fans were more interested in Arturo Moreno, a lesser-known name. Fans eager to learn more about the guy behind the name, Moreno’s brief appearance in the credits prompted rumours and online searches.

By assembling information on Arturo Moreno’s career, his relationship to “The Terminal List,” and the internet discussion around his sudden death, this blog post seeks to shed light on the man.

A Life Dedicated to Storytelling

Arturo Moreno was born in 1980 and possessed a passion for the world of film and television. While details about his early life remain scarce, his IMDb profile paints a picture of a dedicated artist who thrived behind the scenes. Moreno’s career primarily focused on costume design, with credits on over 11 productions since 2017.

From historical dramas like “Narcos: Mexico” to contemporary comedies like “Gentefied,” Moreno’s versatility shone through his work. He meticulously researched and crafted costumes that brought characters to life, silently contributing to the storytelling process.

Joining the Ranks of The Terminal List

Moreno’s involvement with “The Terminal List” came in 2022, the same year the show premiered. Although his specific role on the production remains unconfirmed, his credit likely indicates involvement in the costume department. His presence on a high-profile project like “The Terminal List” suggests his talent and dedication were recognized within the industry.

A Brief Appearance, a Lasting Impact

Despite appearing only in the closing credits, Moreno’s name resonated with viewers. Fans, captivated by the show’s suspense and intrigued by the enigmatic credit, took to social media to search for information about him. This online sleuthing unearthed details about his career, leading to a surge in interest and appreciation for his contributions.

A Life Cut Short

Tragically, Moreno’s journey ended in 2022. News of his passing spread online, adding a layer of somberness to the fan tributes and speculations. While the exact cause of his death remains private, his absence left a void within the entertainment community and among those who had discovered his work through “The Terminal List.”

Remembering Arturo Moreno

Moreno’s life may have been cut short, but his impact on the world of storytelling lives on. His dedication to his craft, his contribution to captivating projects like “The Terminal List,” and the outpouring of support from fans serve as a testament to his talent and the lives he touched.

The Mystery Endures

While many details about Moreno’s life and work remain under the radar, the online curiosity surrounding him continues. Fans continue to share memories, express their appreciation, and search for any available information about the man who left an indelible mark despite his limited screen time.

A Legacy Beyond the Credits

Arturo Moreno’s story serves as a reminder that significant contributions can be made even from behind the scenes. His dedication to his craft, his collaboration on impactful projects, and the online outpouring of appreciation showcase the power of storytelling and the lasting impact one can leave on those whose lives they touch, even if only through a fleeting credit on a television show.


Arturo Moreno’s journey may have been brief, but his legacy lives on in the hearts of fans and within the tapestry of the entertainment industry. His story reminds us to celebrate the unsung heroes of storytelling, to appreciate the dedication that goes into every aspect of production, and to cherish the connections we forge even through fleeting encounters.


1. What was Arturo Moreno’s role in “The Terminal List”?

Moreno’s specific role on the show remains unconfirmed, but his credit likely indicates involvement in the costume department.

2. When did Arturo Moreno pass away?

Moreno passed away in 2022, the same year “The Terminal List” premiered.

3. How can I learn more about Arturo Moreno?

Unfortunately, details about Moreno’s life and career remain scarce. His IMDb profile offers some information, and online fan communities sometimes share tributes and memories.

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