Arturo Moreno: A Life Intertwined with The Terminal List

The Amazon Prime series “The Terminal List” gripped audiences with its intense action and complex characters. Among them, a talented young actor named Arturo Moreno shone brightly, his portrayal of “Pawtastic Doodles” resonating with viewers. However, fate intervened tragically, cutting Moreno’s promising career short. His passing in 2022 sparked online fascination, intertwining his name forever with the show he graced with his final performance. This blog post delves into Arturo Moreno’s life and career, exploring his journey from aspiring artist to captivating screen presence, and celebrating his enduring legacy within the “Terminal List” universe.

From Aspiring Artist to Television Star

Born in 1980, Arturo Moreno harbored artistic aspirations from a young age. His talents extended beyond acting, encompassing music and visual arts. His passion for music led him to form a band known as “Los Moreno Brothers,” while his artistic flair flourished in various creative projects. It was his undeniable acting talent, however, that ultimately captured the attention of the entertainment industry.

Early Career Steps and Breakthrough Roles

Moreno’s acting career began with stage productions, where he honed his craft and developed a diverse repertoire. His dedication and talent soon brought him opportunities in television, landing roles in popular shows like “9-1-1” and “Midnight, Texas.” Each performance showcased his versatility, portraying characters with depth and authenticity.

Embracing The Terminal List and Pawtastic Doodles

In 2022, Moreno landed a role in the highly anticipated Amazon Prime series “The Terminal List.” He portrayed “Pawtastic Doodles,” a quirky yet endearing tech whiz who provided comedic relief amidst the show’s darker themes. Moreno embraced the role with infectious enthusiasm, breathing life into the character and earning the hearts of viewers. His comedic timing and captivating screen presence made Pawtastic Doodles an instant fan favorite.

Legacy and Impact

Tragically, Arturo Moreno’s life was cut short in 2022. His passing, while undoubtedly a profound loss to his family and friends, resonated deeply with the “Terminal List” fanbase, who mourned the talented actor they had just begun to know. Despite his limited appearance in the series, Moreno’s performance left a lasting impact. His portrayal of Pawtastic Doodles became a source of comfort and lightheartedness within the show’s intense narrative. Fans took to social media, expressing their sadness at his passing and celebrating his talent.

Beyond the Screen: Remembering Arturo Moreno’s Artistic Spirit

While Moreno’s on-screen presence captivated audiences, it was only a fragment of his artistic spirit. He was a musician, a painter, and a storyteller, leaving behind a treasure trove of creative works. Exploring his music reveals soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics, reflecting his depth and passion. His paintings showcase a vibrant imagination and a keen eye for detail, each brushstroke echoing his love for art.

The Enduring Connection Between Arturo Moreno and The Terminal List

Although Arturo Moreno’s time on Earth was tragically brief, his connection to “The Terminal List” remains indelible. His portrayal of Pawtastic Doodles provided a touch of levity and humanity within the show’s dark world. His talent and genuine spirit continue to inspire viewers, a testament to the lasting impact he made in the hearts of those who watched him shine. “The Terminal List” serves as a bittersweet reminder of his talent, a final chapter in a story filled with artistic passion and unfulfilled potential.


Arturo Moreno’s life was a tapestry woven with creativity, kindness, and an infectious zest for life. His journey, though tragically cut short, resonates with a powerful message. It reminds us to embrace our passions, to nurture our artistic spirits, and to leave our mark on the world, however big or small. While “The Terminal List” serves as a final showcase of his acting prowess, it is just one thread in the rich tapestry of Arturo Moreno’s legacy. He was a musician, a painter, a storyteller, and a friend, his memory forever etched in the hearts of those he touched.


  • What was Arturo Moreno’s most notable role?

Arturo Moreno’s most notable role was his portrayal of “Pawtastic Doodles” in the Amazon Prime series “The Terminal List.” His quirky yet endearing tech whiz brought comedic relief and lightheartedness to the show’s intense narrative, quickly becoming a fan favorite.

  • How did Arturo Moreno pass away?

Arturo Moreno passed away in 2022. The cause of death has not been publicly disclosed.

  • Where can I find more information about Arturo Moreno?

While there is no official website dedicated to Arturo Moreno, fans have created online communities and tributes to celebrate his life and work. You can find him on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram under the handle @ArturoMoreno, and various fan-made websites dedicated to his memory.

  • How can I support Arturo Moreno’s legacy?

One of the best ways to support Arturo Moreno’s legacy is to keep his memory alive. Watch his performances in “The Terminal List” and other projects, share your favorite moments with others, and explore his music and artwork. You can also support organizations that advocate for the arts and provide opportunities for aspiring artists.

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