UWM Sports Complex: A Multi-Sport Haven in Pontiac, Michigan

The UWM Sports Complex in Pontiac, Michigan, boasts a unique identity. Originally built for soccer, it has transformed into a versatile facility catering to a variety of sports and community needs. Let’s delve into what this complex offers.

From Soccer Stadium to Multi-Sport Arena

Originally known as Ultimate Soccer Arenas, the UWM Sports Complex opened its doors in 2008. It quickly gained recognition as one of the largest indoor soccer facilities in the United States.

A Haven for Indoor Soccer

The complex maintains its soccer roots. It features four state-of-the-art AstroTurf pitches, three full-sized 110×75 yard fields, and a dedicated 85×47 yard field perfect for 8v8 games or lacrosse.

Soccer: A Multi-Sport Hub

In 2021, the UWM Sports Complex underwent a significant expansion. An impressive eight-court basketball court complex, 16 volleyball courts, and an indoor track were added, transforming it into a multi-sport haven.

Reimagine Recreation: A Focus on Community

The UWM Sports Complex partners with Reimagine Recreation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing sports-driven programs for youth development. Their collaboration ensures the facility caters to the needs of the Pontiac community.

Amenities Galore

The complex offers more than just playing fields. Amenities include a full-service restaurant, a coffee shop, a soccer store, spacious locker rooms, and comfortable spectator areas with mezzanine viewing decks.

Hosting Events of All Kinds

The UWM Sports Complex is a versatile venue. It can host various events, from local sports leagues and tournaments to corporate functions, birthday parties, and family reunions.


The UWM Sports Complex has evolved from a soccer-specific stadium to a vibrant multi-sport center. With its high-quality facilities, community focus, and event hosting capabilities, it offers a valuable resource for the Pontiac community and sports enthusiasts alike.


  • What sports are offered at the UWM Sports Complex?

The complex primarily focuses on soccer, basketball, volleyball, and indoor track and field.

  • Does the complex offer leagues or programs?

Yes, the partnership with Reimagine Recreation facilitates various sports leagues and programs, particularly for youth development.

  • Can I host an event at the UWM Sports Complex?

Absolutely! The complex caters to various events beyond sports.

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