The Best Roblox Driving Games

Roblox’s toolbox is well-equipped for constructing relaxing environments around the gameplay area, making it easy for creators to focus on the main path (or track) in question. As a result, many Roblox accounts took an interest in the driving genre, given how good of a fit it is for this primarily kid-friendly platform.

Over the years, users have put up and continue to put up hundreds of arcade Roblox driving games and more realistic simulations, all expertly crafted solely on the Roblox Studio. Some of them even offer advanced car customization options, elevating them above the “mere homage” category.

Check out the best Roblox racing games you can play today!

Eight Driver Car Racing

This very popular title infuses a healthy amount of realism amidst the sheer fun of driving a car from a first-person perspective in Roblox! Eight Driver Car Racing comprises a handful of maps reminiscent of popular on-road and off-road tracks and allows players to race or organize drifting tournaments on them.

The game looks great in motion and the fact that you can alter your car’s performance between races is an unexpected treat. Just like in a Gran Turismo game, in Eight Driver Car Racing you can modify aspects like the vehicle’s rims and wheels, and instantly feel those changes as soon as the next race starts.

Sonic Speed Simulator

It seems that nowadays, Roblox too can do what “Nintendon’t”, thanks to the incredibly successful Sonic Speed Simulator game! This title pays proper respects to the legendary era of the Sega Masters system, translating entire stages of the early Sonic games into the Roblox universe.

The result is a racing game where you’ll never find or operate a four-wheel drive, but will still zip through the stages on your feet. In time, you’ll collect enough rings to unlock more recognizable characters from the franchise’s past, and the constantly looping seasonal challenges will keep you always entertained.

Hot Wheels Open World

Another IP that was super popular in the 90s and enjoys quite the resurgence in popularity today, Hot Wheels has a worthy representation in Roblox as well. Thanks to Hot Wheels Open World, gamers of all ages can find out what made this concept such a smash hit as they take control of cute toy cars against colorful backdrops and gravity-defying roads.

And while games like Hot Wheels Unleashed and Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged raise the bar of what we can expect from these games, Roblox’s Hot Wheel Open World offers a few novelties of its own. For example, it’s not constructed as a run-of-the-mill racing game, one where we would unlock new cars and maps just by completing enough points after replaying certain challenges a few times. Instead, we can chat with NPC and find out how to help them, and in turn, they’ll reward our efforts with a new item!

That approach is a real breath of fresh air in the world of racing games, which might explain why so many Roblox users keep logging into the Hot Wheels Open World on a daily basis.

These are the best car games on Roblox we recommend. If you’re after the latest Roblox releases, shop now at our secured store!

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