Hit the Road in Style: The Sunray Sport Camper

For adventurous couples or minimalists seeking a comfortable escape, the Sunray Sport camper by Sunset Park RV might be your perfect match. This lightweight trailer offers a surprising amount of features in a compact package, making it ideal for exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations. Let’s delve into the details of the Sunray Sport and see if it fits your camping dreams.

Sunray Sport: Small Trailer, Big Adventure

The Sunray Sport shines with its maneuverability and ease of towing. Coming in at a dry weight of around 1,320 lbs, it can be towed by most SUVs and even some larger cars. This makes it a breeze to navigate narrow roads and tight campsites, opening up a world of hidden gems for your outdoor adventures.

Cozy Comfort Awaits Inside

Despite its compact size, the Sunray Sport offers a surprisingly comfortable interior. The main cabin features a convertible sofa that transforms into a queen-size bed for a restful night’s sleep.

Kitchen on the Go

An ingenious feature of the Sunray Sport is its cleverly designed outside kitchen. This setup allows you to whip up delicious meals while enjoying the fresh air. The kitchen typically includes a sink, two-burner stovetop, refrigerator, and even a microwave in some models.

Off-Grid Capabilities

Sunset Park RV offers an optional “Sport Package” that equips the Sunray Sport for off-grid adventures. This package includes features like increased ground clearance, rugged tires, and a roof rack for additional gear storage. An optional solar panel can also be added for a touch of energy independence.

Tech and Entertainment

The Sunray Sport comes equipped with basic amenities to keep you connected and entertained. Features may include LED lighting, a fantastic fan for ventilation, a stereo, and even a TV antenna in some models.


The Sunray Sport camper offers a compelling option for adventure seekers who crave a comfortable and lightweight camping solution. Its compact size, maneuverability, and surprising amenities make it perfect for exploring new destinations and enjoying the great outdoors. However, keep in mind the lack of an onboard bathroom and the potential need for additional campground facilities. If you’re looking for a no-frills yet comfortable escape on wheels, the Sunray Sport is definitely worth considering.


  • How much does the Sunray Sport cost?

Pricing can vary depending on the dealer and chosen options, but the Sunray Sport starts around $12,999.

  • What is the towing capacity required?

Due to its lightweight design, most SUVs and some larger cars can handle towing the Sunray Sport. Always double-check your vehicle’s towing capacity before hitting the road.

  • Does the Sunray Sport have a bathroom?

No, the Sunray Sport does not have a built-in bathroom. Campgrounds with restroom facilities are necessary for overnight stays.

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