Gotta Print ‘Em All: Your Guide to the World of Pokemon 3D Printing

Ever dreamt of holding your favorite Pokemon in your hands, not just a plastic keychain or plushie? Well, step into the magical world of Pokemon 3D printing! This blog is your ultimate guide to unleashing your inner Trainer and bringing your Pokemon passions to life, one layer at a time.

Choose Your Starter: Free vs. Paid Files

The vast landscape of Pokemon 3D printing offers files for every budget. Explore free websites like Thingiverse for a treasure trove of community-created designs. Remember, quality can vary, so read reviews and choose wisely. For polished models with guaranteed printability, head to paid platforms like MyMiniFactory or Etsy. Often, these creators offer intricate details and multiple variations, making your Pokemon truly unique.

Pick Your Team: Choosing the Right File Format

Most Pokemon models come in the standard STL file format, compatible with most 3D printers. However, you might encounter other extensions like OBJ or 3MF. Double-check your printer’s compatibility before downloading.

Gotta Scale ‘Em All: Adjusting Size for Your Needs

That adorable Bulbasaur might be too small for your desk. Learn how to use your slicing software (Cura, PrusaSlicer, etc.) to scale models to your desired size. Remember, larger prints require more time and filament, so plan accordingly.

Prepare for Battle: Slicing and Supporting for Success

Before hitting the print button, your model needs slicing, which prepares it for your specific printer. Most slicers offer automatic support generation, creating essential structures to prevent your Pokemon from drooping or collapsing during printing. Don’t skip this crucial step!

Choose Your Weapon: Filament Variety for Vibrant Life

Unleash your Pokemon’s true colors! Explore the exciting world of 3D printing filaments. Classic PLA comes in a rainbow of colors, while adventurous makers can try glow-in-the-dark, wood-infused, or even color-changing filaments for truly stunning results.

The Battle Begins: Printing Tips for Perfect Pokemons

Patience, young Trainer! 3D printing takes time. Ensure your bed is leveled, calibrate your printer for optimal settings, and monitor your print closely. For complex models, consider pausing at specific layers to add custom details or filament changes.

Victory Dance: Post-Processing for Polished Perfection

Once your Pokemon emerges victorious from the printer, the fun continues! Remove supports carefully, sand any rough edges, and unleash your inner artist. Paint, airbrush, or add finishing touches to bring your Pokemon to life!

Beyond the Printing Arena

Remember, the journey doesn’t end with the last layer. Share your creations with the vibrant online community of Pokemon 3D printing enthusiasts! Show off your team on social media, participate in challenges, and even design your own Pokemon models. The possibilities are endless!


Pokemon 3D printing isn’t just about creating cool figurines; it’s about embracing your creativity, igniting your passion, and connecting with a global community of fellow Trainers. So, choose your path, grab your filaments, and embark on your printing adventure. Remember, the real magic lies not just in the final product, but in the process itself. So, gotta print ’em all, Trainers! Just be sure to share your journey and inspire others along the way.


  • Is Pokemon 3D printing legal?

As long as you’re printing for personal use or with the creator’s permission, most Pokemon models are safe to print. Be cautious about copyrighted designs and respect the work of creators.

  • What 3D printer should I get?

It depends on your budget and experience. Choose a beginner-friendly model like the Ender 3 for starters, while experienced makers can explore advanced options like Prusa printers.

  • Can I 3D print other anime characters?

Absolutely! The world of 3D printing extends beyond Pokemon. Explore websites like Cults3D or CGTrader for a vast library of anime and character models to bring to life.

  • Where can I learn more about 3D printing?

Online communities like Reddit’s r/3Dprinting and YouTube channels dedicated to tutorials and reviews are invaluable resources. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and learn from the experiences of others.

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