Your 3D Printing Savings: The Ultimate Guide to MyMiniFactory Discount Codes

3D printing’s miniature revolution exploded onto the scene, bringing tabletop RPGs and wargaming to life like never before. But let’s face it, those tiny plastic heroes can rack up a cost. That’s where MyMiniFactory (MMF) comes in, a treasure trove of stunning STL files waiting to be brought to life by your trusty printer. But here’s the secret sauce: with a savvy MyMiniFactory discount code, you can unleash a wave of savings on your next miniature haul!

The Mystery: Where to Find MyMiniFactory Discount Codes

So, you’re eager to cast some budget-friendly spells on your miniature shopping, but where do these magical discount codes lurk? Here’s your map to the treasure:

MyMiniFactory Tribes: Dive into MMF’s “Tribes” system, where creators offer exclusive models and benefits in exchange for monthly pledges. Many Tribes include surprise discount codes as a bonus for dedicated patrons.

MMF+ Subscription: Become an MMF+ subscriber and snag a permanent 10% discount on all STL purchases in the MyMiniFactory store. Plus, enjoy bonus free models, priority customer support, and ad-free browsing.

Creator Promotions: Follow your favorite miniature designers on social media or subscribe to their newsletters. They often run limited-time promotions or offer discount codes for specific releases.

Community Engagement: Actively participate in the MyMiniFactory community forums and social media groups. You might stumble upon hidden gems like community-specific discount codes or flash sales announced by MyMiniFactory itself.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled: Check the MyMiniFactory website and social media regularly. They occasionally release general discount codes for special occasions or holiday sales.

Demystifying Tribes: Your Gateway to Exclusive Discounts and More

MyMiniFactory’s Tribes system isn’t just about exclusive miniatures; it’s a treasure chest of hidden discounts waiting to be unearthed. Joining a Tribe typically grants you access to:

Monthly Releases: Fresh batches of high-quality STL files delivered straight to your doorstep (or, well, virtual doorstep).

Welcome Discounts: Many Tribes offer a special one-time discount code for new members, welcoming you with open arms (and wallets).

Hidden Gems: Some Tribes regularly drop hidden discount codes in their updates or discussions, rewarding active members.

Community Perks: Get involved in Tribe-specific forums and chats, connect with fellow miniature enthusiasts, and share your printing adventures.

The Subscription that Keeps on Giving

For dedicated miniature printers, MMF+ unlocks a treasure trove of benefits beyond the standard 10% discount. Here’s what awaits:

Free Monthly Model: Every month, you get a handpicked premium STL file for free, adding unique miniatures to your collection.

Priority Customer Support: Need help with a purchase or have a printing question? MMF+ subscribers get bumped to the front of the line.

Ad-Free Browsing: Say goodbye to distracting ads and enjoy a streamlined MyMiniFactory experience.

Early Access to New Features: Be among the first to test out new MyMiniFactory features and functionalities.

Stacking Your Discounts: Maximizing Your Savings:

While discount codes aren’t usually stackable, there are ways to combine them for maximum savings:

Tribe Welcome Discount + MMF+: Join a Tribe with a welcome discount code and then subscribe to MMF+. You’ll enjoy the welcome discount on your first purchase and the ongoing 10% MMF+ discount on subsequent purchases.

Tribe Hidden Gems: Keep an eye out for those surprise discount codes hidden within Tribe updates and discussions. They might stack with an ongoing Tribe discount, giving you an extra boost of savings.

Flash Sales and Holiday Promotions: Watch out for special MyMiniFactory-wide flash sales or holiday promotions. If timed right, these might stack with other discounts you’ve unlocked.


With a little savvy and this guide as your map, you’re now equipped to navigate the treasure trove of MyMiniFactory discounts. Whether you join a Tribe, subscribe to MMF+, or simply keep your eyes peeled for hidden gems, remember that the greatest savings come from exploring, engaging, and being part of the vibrant MyMiniFactory community. So, fire up your printer, unlock those discounts, and let the miniature printing revolution begin!


  • Where can I find a list of current Tribes offering discounts?

MyMiniFactory doesn’t maintain a centralized list, but you can browse individual Tribes and check their descriptions or updates for mentions of discount codes.

  • Can I use MyMiniFactory discount codes on physical prints purchased through the StoreFront?

Most codes only apply to STL file purchases in the MyMiniFactory store itself. Some individual creators might offer discounts on physical prints through their own shops.

  • I can’t find any discount codes! What do I do?

Patience, young Padawan! New promotions and codes pop up regularly. Keep checking MyMiniFactory’s website, social media, and community forums for the latest offerings.

  • I’m new to 3D printing. Can I still use MyMiniFactory and its discounts?

Absolutely! The MyMiniFactory community welcomes beginners with open arms (and STL files!). Start with free models, browse beginner-friendly forums, and ask questions. There’s always someone happy to help!

  • What other ways can I save on 3D printing besides using discount codes?

Explore second-hand filament marketplaces, invest in reusable resin, and consider DIY printing accessories like curing stations. Every little bit adds up!

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