Forget What You Forgot: Mastering the Move Relearner in Pixelmon

The world of Minecraft meets the world of Pokemon, filled with exciting adventures and the thrill of collecting and battling your favorite pocket monsters. But what happens when your Pokemon forgets a crucial move you meticulously trained it in? Don’t fret, aspiring trainers! The Move Relearner is here to save the day.

1. What is the Move Relearner?

Think of the Move Relearner as a friendly NPC who operates a Pokemon rehabilitation center. They possess the power to reawaken moves your Pokemon previously learned through level-up or breeding, even if they’ve been forgotten. This versatile NPC becomes your savior when facing strategic blunders or simply wanting to diversify your Pokemon’s moveset.

2. Where to Find the Move Relearner

Luckily, these move-restoring sages aren’t hidden in mythical caves. You can find them in three biomes: Mountainous, Plains, and Ice Plains. Keep your eyes peeled for a small hut with a sign indicating their presence. Alternatively, if you have access to the NPC editor tool, you can even spawn them yourself!

3. How Does it Work?

Interacting with the Move Relearner brings up a simple interface. Select your Pokemon and browse its entire movepool, including level-up moves and egg moves. If the move is eligible for relearning (not TMs) and your Pokemon is above the level at which it learned the move, you’re good to go! But be prepared, as relearning requires in-game currency depending on your server configuration.

4. More Than Just Forgotten Moves: Hidden Gems

The Move Relearner isn’t just for recovering lost moves. It also allows you to relearn egg moves your Pokemon might have had when first hatched, even if they were overwritten. This hidden potential unlocks exciting strategic possibilities!

5. Things to Remember: Limitations and Cautions

  • You can only relearn moves your Pokemon knew previously. No unlocking secret, never-learned moves here!
  • Relearning costs vary depending on the server configuration, so check before making drastic changes.
  • Consider your Pokemon’s overall moveset and strategy before relearning. Replacing a crucial move might hinder its performance.


The Move Relearner is a valuable tool for any Pixelmon trainer, offering the power to recover forgotten moves, unlock egg move potential, and adapt your Pokemon’s strategies. So, explore the options, experiment wisely, and conquer the world of Pixelmon with a versatile and well-trained team! Remember, sometimes, forgetting isn’t failing – it’s an opportunity to relearn and become an even stronger trainer.


1. Do all servers have a Move Relearner?

Most servers feature the Move Relearner, but their location and relearning costs might vary. Check your server’s documentation or ask administrators for details.

2. Can I relearn any move my Pokemon ever knew?

Only moves obtained through level-up or breeding are eligible for relearning. TMs cannot be relearned.

3. Is relearning always a good idea?

Evaluate your Pokemon’s current moveset and strategy before relearning. Replacing a crucial move might not be beneficial.

4. What are some good uses for the Move Relearner?

  • Recovering egg moves lost due to move overwrites.
  • Adapting your Pokemon’s moveset to different battle scenarios.
  • Experimenting with diverse strategies and team compositions.

5. Where can I learn more about Pixelmon and the Move Relearner?

  • The Pixelmon Wiki ( is a comprehensive resource for all things Pixelmon.
  • Check your server’s forums or community channels for specific rules and discussions about the Move Relearner.
  • Online guides and tutorials specifically focused on Pixelmon strategies and move choices can offer valuable insights.

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