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Hi everyone, I work as a marketing professional, my life is a steady blur of meetings, deadlines, and the city’s constant noise. At the same time, my new apartment felt like a peaceful haven; my old one felt more like a crowded echo chamber. There was too much noise, not enough room, and smog all the time, and it was draining my energy and spirit. The search for flats for sale in Kharghar, Mumbai, began when I knew I needed to move. While browsing apartments for sale in Kharghar listings, I stumbled upon Meghna Bliss on Nobroker. I was looking for an apartment for sale in Kharghar that could offer me the best security so I could live in peace. I wanted a home with ample sunlight and a location that was away from the noisy part of the city. Moreover, upon discussing with my friends, I discovered that a friend had bought a house here, and all the exciting Meghna Bliss reviews started to pour in from her and her family. It felt like I had found the perfect place among so many properties for sale in Kharghar. The name alone made me think of peace, and the pictures only added to that feeling. There were lush green flats tucked away in the hills, bathed in sunlight and giving off a peaceful vibe. 

My Favourite Meghna Bliss Amenities

  1. Gazebo: The gazebo is a peaceful place where I can relax and enjoy times of peace. It’s where I often go to find comfort.
  2. Open-Air Theatre: I love going to the open-air theatre to watch movies and plays while the stars shine overhead.
  3. Yoga Meditation Area: In this particular yoga meditation area, I start a trip of self-discovery and mindfulness that helps me feel balanced and at peace with myself.
  4. Swimming Pool: The pool isn’t just a place to cool off; it’s my haven where I can get away from the stress of everyday life and relax my mind and body.
  5. Gym: I go to the well-equipped gym to work out and work toward my health goals. It’s my fitness refuge.
  6. Security: There are strict security measures in place at my home, which makes me feel safe and secure. This lets me focus on the good things in life.

Reason For Buying A Home In Meghna Bliss

  1. Meghna Bliss Price

Other properties for sale in Kharghar had flats for the same price, but this one had more features than any of them. Given that prices for 1 and 2 BHK apartments start at just 33.5 lakhs, I quickly closed the deal on my 2 BHK. 

  1. Great Location and Beautiful Views

Meghna Bliss was in Upper Kharghar, which was the best among the other flats for sale in Kharghar, Mumbai. Being close to big highways and essential services made things easier. The planned Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) 2 is only 10 minutes away from Meghan Bliss. It is on NH-48, which makes it very easy to get to other places. It only takes about 10 minutes to get from the bus station, the train station, or the airport. It has well-designed 1 and 2 BHK apartments that can fit a variety of lives. This hotel is only 10 minutes from the 18-hole golf course, Central Park, and the ISKCON Temple.

  1. Built by Reliable Meghna Builders

I really liked that Meghna Builders was known for building high-quality homes and focusing on green living. It gave me a lot of peace of mind to know that responsible and creative people built my house. I would give up anything to feel that way again. They currently maintain a presence across Navi Mumbai and have successfully delivered four world-class projects, encompassing a total area of 3 lakh square feet. Furthermore, construction is ongoing in Rasayani, Kolad, and Karanjade, with a planned total of 10 lakh square feet.

  1. Finding My Community

Meghna Bliss has made the community feel warm and friendly by hosting potluck dinners on the roof and movie nights in the hall. My neighbours are more than just faces I see in the hallway. They’re friends, confidantes, and a constant source of support and fun for me. I no longer feel alone in the city. Instead, I feel like I belong, which is good for my soul. 

This Meghna Bliss review is a testament to the beautiful life I’m living here. If you are looking for more flats for sale in Kharghar options, you must check verified property listings on

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