Kix Drummer Jimmy Chalfant: A Rock Legend’s Journey

Jimmy Chalfant is an expert drummer who rose to distinction as an individual from the American hard rock band Kix. Kix was one of the most famous groups during the 1980s, known for their vigorous live shows and snappy melodies. Chalfant joined Kix in 1979 and has been with them from that point onward, aside from a concise rest during the 1990s. He is likewise an establishing individual from the blues musical crew Entertaining Cash, which he shaped in 1996 with previous Kix guitarist Steve Whiteman.

In this article, we will investigate the life and vocation of Jimmy Chalfant, from his initial impacts and melodic starting points to his new wellbeing difficulties and accomplishments. We will likewise take a gander at a portion of the features and difficulties of Kix’s set of experiences, as well as Chalfant’s side tasks and coordinated efforts.

Early Life and Influences

Jimmy Chalfant was brought into the world on January 10, 1954, in Hagerstown, Maryland. He experienced childhood in a melodic family, as his dad was a jazz drummer and his mom was a vocalist. He began playing drums at five years old, enlivened by his dad and by the amazing drummer Ginger Cook of Cream. He likewise paid attention to other musical crews like Drove Airship, The Beatles, The Drifters, and The Who.

Chalfant played in different groups all through his school years, improving his abilities and fostering his style. He likewise partook in walking groups and symphonies, which gave him a strong groundwork in cadence and timing. He moved on from South Hagerstown Secondary School in 1972 and went to Hagerstown Junior School for a year, where he concentrated on music hypothesis and sythesis.

Joining Kix

In 1979, Chalfant joined Kix, a hard rock band that had been shaped in 1977 by bassist Donnie Purnell and guitarist Ronnie Younkins. The band had proactively delivered their self-named debut collection on Atlantic Records in 1981, yet they were searching for another drummer to supplant their unique one, Jimmy “Mallet” Chalfant (no connection). Chalfant tried out for the band and dazzled them with his strong and flexible drumming. He turned into the extremely durable drummer of Kix and moved to Baltimore, where the band was based.

Chalfant immediately turned into a necessary piece of Kix’s sound and picture, adding his style and energy to their melodies and exhibitions. He likewise added to the songwriting and creation of the band, co-composing a few melodies with Purnell and Whiteman. He likewise sang backing vocals and every so often played consoles and harmonica.

Kix’s Rise to Fame

Kix’s subsequent collection, Cool Children, was delivered in 1983 and highlighted an all the more pop-situated sound, impacted by the new wave and synth-pop patterns of the time. The collection generated two minor hits, “Body Talk” and “Cool Children”, yet it neglected to have a massive effect on the graphs or the pundits. The band was discontent with the heading that Atlantic Records was pushing them and chose to get back to their foundations of hard rock and weighty metal.

Their third collection, Midnite Explosive, was delivered in 1985 and denoted a defining moment in their profession. The collection displayed their crude and lively style, mixing components of glitz metal, blues rock, and underground rock. The collection got rave audits from the fans and the press, and was thought of as by a lot of people to be their best work. The title track, “Midnite Explosive”, turned into a staple of their live shows and a fan number one.

Kix’s advancement accompanied their fourth collection, Blow My Wire, which was delivered in 1988. The collection sold almost 1,000,000 duplicates, because of the power anthem “Don’t Shut Your Eyes”, which arrived at number 11 on the Bulletin Hot 100 and number 16 on the Standard Stone Tracks graph. The collection likewise included different hits, for example, “Without a second thought”, “Blow My Circuit”, and “She Dropped Me the Bomb”. The collection was confirmed platinum by the RIAA and laid out Kix as one of the main groups of the last part of the 1980s hard rock scene.

Kix’s Decline and Hiatus

Kix’s fifth collection, Hot Wire, was delivered in 1991 and followed a similar recipe as Blow My Breaker, yet with less achievement. The collection sold inadequately and got blended audits, as the melodic scene was changing with the ascent of grit and elective stone. The collection’s lead single, “Young lady Cash”, was the main tune that outlined, arriving at number 26 on the Standard Stone Tracks diagram. The band visited widely to help the collection, yet they confronted troubles with their mark, their administration, and their own lives.

Kix’s 6th collection, $how Bu$ine$$, was delivered in 1995 and was their last collection for Atlantic Records. The collection was a takeoff from their past style, consolidating components of funk, soul, and rap. The collection was a business and basic lemon, and the band was dropped by their name. The band additionally confronted struggles under the surface, as Purnell, the fundamental musician and head of the band, left the gathering in 1996. The leftover individuals chose to enjoy some time off from Kix and seek after different activities.

Reunion and Comeback

Kix rejoined in 2003, with Chalfant, Whiteman, Younkins, and guitarist Brian “Harm” Forsythe. They enlisted bassist Imprint Schenker to supplant Purnell, who declined to rejoin the band. The band began playing live shows once more, for the most part in the East Coast and Midwest areas. They likewise delivered a live collection, Live in Baltimore, in 2012, which caught their exhibition at the Rams Head Live scene in Baltimore.

In 2014, Kix delivered their seventh studio collection, Rock Your Go head to head, their first studio collection in quite a while. The collection was delivered on Clearly and Pleased Records and was created by Taylor Rhodes, who had worked with the band on Blow My Breaker and Hot Wire. The collection got positive surveys from the fans and the pundits, and appeared at number 49 on the Board 200 graph, their most elevated outline position since Blow My Breaker. The collection additionally arrived at number one on the Amazon Hard Rock diagram and number four on the iTunes Rock outline. The collection highlighted tunes, for example, “Love Me with Your Top Down”, “Wheels Moving”, and “Rock and Roll Confrontation”.

Health Challenges and Achievements

In September 2021, Chalfant experienced a coronary failure at his home and was raced to the medical clinic. He went through a medical procedure to embed two stents in his heart and another medical procedure the following day for another stent. He recuperated well and had the option to continue his exercises with Kix and Entertaining Cash. He said thanks to his fans for their help and supplications, and offered his thanks for being alive.

In November 2022, Chalfant experienced one more heart episode while performing with Kix at the Let’s go Auditorium in Leesburg, Virginia. He fell in front of an audience after his drum solo and was carted away oblivious. He was taken to the emergency clinic and was determined to have a heart arrhythmia. He was treated with prescription and a defibrillator, and was delivered following a couple of days. He said that he really wanted additional opportunity to completely recuperate and that he would be supplanted by Matt Starr, the drummer of Mr. Large, until additional notification.

In spite of his wellbeing challenges, Chalfant has not abandoned his enthusiasm for music and drumming. He has kept on chipping away at new tasks and coordinated efforts, for example, the supergroup The End Machine, which highlights individuals from Dokken and Lynch Crowd. He has likewise been respected with a few honors and acknowledgments, for example, the Maryland Music Grants Lifetime Accomplishment Grant in 2016 and the Maryland Music Lobby of Notoriety enlistment in 2019.


Jimmy Chalfant is a stone legend who has been drumming for north of forty years. He is most popular as the drummer of Kix, one of the best and persuasive hard rock groups of the 1980s. He is likewise an establishing individual from Entertaining Cash, a blues musical crew that he framed with Steve Whiteman. He has confronted a few medical problems lately, however he has not allowed them to prevent him from seeking after his melodic dreams. He is a regarded and respected performer, who has roused and engaged ages of fans with his ability and charm.


  • Q: When and where was Jimmy Chalfant conceived?

A: Jimmy Chalfant was brought into the world on January 10, 1954, in Hagerstown, Maryland.

  • Q: What was the name of Kix’s most memorable collection?

A: Kix’s most memorable collection was Kix, delivered in 1981.

  • Q: What was the name of Kix’s greatest hit?

A: Kix’s greatest hit was “Don’t Shut Your Eyes”, which arrived at number 11 on the Bulletin Hot 100 out of 1989.

  • Q: What was the name of Kix’s last collection?

A: Kix’s last collection was Rock Your Go head to head, delivered in 2014.

  • Q: What was the name of the blues musical crew that Jimmy Chalfant framed with Steve Whiteman?

A: The name of the blues musical gang that Jimmy Chalfant shaped with Steve Whiteman was Interesting Cash.

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