Jacin’s Ruse: Secrets of Dragonflight’s Shadowy Gear Set

The Dragon Isles hold many secrets, and among them lies the enigmatic Jacin’s Ruse armor set. This elusive gear, shrouded in mystery and whispers of power, has captured the attention of adventurers seeking an edge in their journeys. But before you embark on your quest to acquire it, let’s peel back the layers and unveil the truth about Jason’s Ruse.

A Tale of Two Pieces: Set Composition

Unlike traditional multi-piece sets, Jacin’s Ruse comprises only two powerful items: the Guileful Intruder Handguards and the Tunnel Trudger Footguards. These pieces, individually impressive, synergize to offer unique gameplay enhancements.

Where Shadows Dwell: Locating the Ruse

Acquiring Jacin’s Ruse requires delving into the perilous corners of the Dragon Isles. The Guileful Intruder Handguards await adventurers brave enough to face the challenges of the Court of Stars Mythic+ dungeon. Meanwhile, the Tunnel Trudger Footguards lie hidden within the depths of The Arcway, accessible once Season 2 of Mythic+ unfolds.

Power in Deception: Unveiling the Set Bonus

Equipping both pieces of Jacin’s Ruse unlocks its true potential. Upon casting a spell or attacking in melee, there’s a chance to increase your character’s Mastery for 15 seconds. This potent buff enhances spell and ability damage, empowering you to unleash devastating attacks and weave potent magic.

More Than Just Mastery: Additional Perks

Beyond the core set bonus, each individual piece boasts unique strengths:

  • Guileful Intruder Handguards: These gloves offer increased Versatility, enhancing your ability to adapt to various damage types.
  • Tunnel Trudger Footguards: These boots grant Haste, allowing you to cast spells and swing weapons faster, increasing your overall damage output.

Is the Ruse Worth the Risk? Weighing the Pros and Cons

Before embarking on your quest, consider both the allure and potential drawbacks:


  • Powerful set bonus boosts damage output.
  • Individual pieces offer valuable stat increases.
  • Unique gear for those seeking a stand-out aesthetic.


  • Limited to Mythic+ dungeons, requiring high skill and teamwork.
  • Two-piece set offers less flexibility compared to traditional sets.
  • Information about acquisition difficulty and drop rates remains limited.

The Ruse: Your Decision Awaits

Jacin’s Ruse presents a tempting proposition for adventurers seeking power and exclusivity. However, the path to acquire it is fraught with challenges. Weigh your strengths, consider your goals, and decide if the shadows hold the gear you seek. Remember, the greatest rewards often lie beyond the easiest paths.


Jacin’s Ruse stands as a beacon of power and mystery in Dragonflight. While limited pieces and challenging acquisition create hurdles, the potential rewards are undeniable. Whether you seek the raw damage boost or crave the allure of the unknown, the choice is yours. Remember, true adventurers embrace the thrill of the chase, and the shadows may just hold the key to unlocking your character’s true potential.


1. Is Jacin’s Ruse BiS (Best in Slot) for my class?

The “best” gear depends on your individual playstyle, specialization, and content you focus on. While Jacin’s Ruse offers a strong set bonus and valuable stats, compare it to alternatives and raid gear options for a holistic view.

2. Can I solo the dungeons to acquire the set?

No, Mythic+ dungeons require group participation and teamwork. Gear up, find a skilled group, and prepare for a challenging but rewarding experience.

3. When will The Arcway be available for Season 2 of Mythic+?

Official release dates haven’t been announced yet, but keep an eye on Blizzard’s updates and community discussions for the latest information.

4. Are there alternative ways to acquire the set pieces?

Currently, acquiring them through Mythic+ dungeons is the only confirmed method. Keep in mind that future updates or potential trading options might emerge.

5. Do I need both pieces to benefit from the set bonus?

Yes, equipping both the Guileful Intruder Handguards and the Tunnel Trudger Footguards activates the set bonus.

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