How to Choose the Right Office Wall Colour

Choosing the right office wall colour is crucial to creating a productive, engaging, and inspiring workspace that empowers employees. The specific office colour combination and wall design scheme directly impact the mood, focus, creativity, energy levels, visual appeal, and comfort of all employees in the workspace. Therefore, taking enough time and care to choose the best office colour combination is important for all expanding companies.

Deciding the ideal office wall colour entails considering various factors like the company’s brand image, employees’ preferences, the room’s size and lighting, feng shui principles, etc.  Picking the right office wall colours that go well together can improve productivity, focus, creativity, and employee wellbeing.

Here are some key factors to evaluate when selecting office wall colours:

  • Office Location and Lighting Conditions

The room’s geographical location and exposure to natural light should guide the office colour combination selection. North-facing rooms with indirect sunlight may allow bolder colours, while south-facing spaces demand lighter tones. The office wall colour design must achieve optimal brightness. Unsuitable colours cause glares and eye strain.

  • Brand personality and image

Office spaces represent a company’s brand image. So the office colour combination and wall colour design must personify the brand vision and ideology accurately. Cool professional colours represent a serious corporate personality, while vibrant tones reflect creative startups aptly.

  • Employees’ Preferences

While branding guidelines provide helpful colour selection inputs, individual employee perspectives cannot be ignored when applying the office wall colour design across the workplace. 

Conducting surveys to understand people’s preferred professional colour shades for ideal office colour combinations is recommended. The goal must be to achieve consensus and employee buy-in.

  • Business Goals and Values

Every organization has specific business goals, priorities, and values that guide their culture. Certain office wall colour design and combinations may personify leadership, loyalty, professionalism, wisdom, or trust more accurately. So it helps to evaluate how the shortlisted office colour combinations reflect the company ethos accurately through subtle messaging.

  • Room Dimensions 

The office space size impacts people’s wall colour perception. Dark, bold colours may overpower a small room, while light tints expand roomy interiors visually. So it is vital to assess room proportions before executing the office wall colour design ideas.

  • Furniture and accessories

Furniture colours and room accessories should complement the primary office wall colour theme seamlessly. So factor in workstations, cabinets, sofa sets, curtains, plants, flooring, etc. while deciding the ideal office colour combinations for balanced, harmonious interiors.

  • Spatial Usage

Wall colour considerations vary for indoor meeting rooms versus recreational spaces or work floor areas based on their usage. Stimulating colours heighten focus in singular working zones, while multi-functional spaces demand flexible, neutral backdrops.

Key Types of Positive Office Wall Colours

Here are some universally recommended categories of positive office wall colours that organizations can consider:

  • Blues: Symbolizing confidence, wisdom, and credibility, blue office colour combinations in soothing shades are ideal for most corporates. Different hues suit the technology, finance, or medical sectors. Dark blues represent leadership. 
  • Greens: green office wall colour designs denote nature, harmony, growth, and stability. From calming sage to revitalizing lime, any green tone inspires innovation in media, education, or CSR domains beautifully. 
  • Yellows: Cheerful, inspiring yellow colour combinations infuse optimism, clarity, and creativity in office spaces. From bright citrine walls to mellow gold backdrops, yellow boosts productivity infinitely. 
  • Neutral Tones: Professional white, grey, and beige office wall colours look competent and reliable for industries like law, real estate, and consulting
  • Oranges: Subtly energizing orange office wall colour design establishes organizations as dynamic, warm entities that prioritize collaboration and employee comfort.

Implementing Office Wall Colour Designs 

When translating preferred office colour combination ideas into tangible office wall colour design projects, consider these tips:

  • Test Samples: procure test paint strips across shortlisted hues. Paint mock walls with each shade using adequate lighting, mimicking workplace conditions. Conduct staff surveys over 2–3 weeks to gather responses before deciding. 
  • Introduce Colour in Gradual Doses: Paint one accent wall brightly or use saturated colours solely in waiting lounges. Reserve muted tones for the main working areas, as excessive colour stimulation causes restlessness. 
  • Repeating Colour Themes: Use a single office colour combination variant uniformly across all work floors or externally facing walls. Alternatively, opt for distinct complementary schemes for each department based on their attributes. But prevent random colour mismatches. 
  • Solicit Staff Inputs: Paint small 52-inch by 52-inch wall squares in shortlisted samples. Seek teams’ input by surveying their emotional responses to each colour over two weeks before finalizing combinations. 
  • Use Colour in Creative Focal Points: Use office wall colour designs in indoor graphics, 3D wall murals, light installations, wall art, or architectural illusions across lobby areas, recreational rooms, or stairwells. This draws attention while re-emphasizing corporate branding effortlessly. 
  • Refresh Perspectives Periodically: repaint spaces with radically different office colour combinations intermittently over years. This injects fresh energy and dynamic personalities aligned with evolving corporate cultures.


Choosing appealing office colour design by incorporating positive keywords like office colour combination harmoniously in workspace interiors has multifaceted benefits. The ideal colours boost productivity, focus, inspiration, creativity, and employee happiness exponentially while conveying brand identities impactfully. Organizations must invest quality time in deciding suitable office wall colour schemes through collaborative decision-making for optimal outcomes by using the professional colour consultation services of companies like Officebanao. With abundant natural light, thoughtful colour blocking arrangements, and occasional colour refreshes, the office wall colour design will uplift employee satisfaction infinitely.

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