How does the ICC work?

Have you ever wondered how the International Cricket Council (ICC) works? It is the global governing body for the sport of cricket. There are cricket games India 1xBet, and they can also be wagered with great odds and rates too.

They are responsible for 3 main things regarding international cricket events:

  • organization;
  • promotion;
  • and regulation.

The International Cricket Council is fundamental in cricket. This is because it covers many aspects of its future but also of its present. It is also overseeing many aspects of the discipline. 4 key aspects that they watch are: organizing tournaments, establishing rules, fostering development, and maintaining governance.

The origins of the International Cricket Council can be traced back to the establishment of the Imperial Cricket Conference in 1909, which initially included 3 member countries: England, Australia, and South Africa. The conference had a primary emphasis on discussing and standardizing 3 key aspects: playing conditions, laws of the game, and conduct in international cricket. The cricket games available at 1xBet India also feature all matches from those national teams too.

As international cricket grew in popularity, the organization overseeing it underwent changes to adapt. In the year 1965, the Imperial Cricket Conference expanded its membership and transitioned into the International Cricket Conference to reflect its global reach. Then, in 1989, it was renamed the International Cricket Council, and its headquarters relocated to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Structure of this entity

The International Cricket Council has many layers. First, the entity has its Full Members, which are 12, and are regarded as the elite within international cricket. Live wagers can be made on all these Full Member nations through the platform now.

The countries that currently have Test playing status and participate in the longest format of the game is Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, and Zimbabwe. It’s important to note that membership can change over time. This is because new countries may be given Full Membership based if they have good performances and infrastructure.

In 2nd place, there are the so-called Associate Members, which include countries with a developing cricket infrastructure and international recognition. As of 2023, there were lots of members in this category. 92 to be exact. These countries can participate in ODI and T20 competitions but not Test matches. Great limited over cricket matches can always be wagered at the 1xBet website too.

The 3rd category consists of Affiliate Members. They are the cricket boards and organizations where the sport still doesn’t fully develop. As a result, they still can’t access too many opportunities to play against other fellow nations.

The International Cricket Council has a procedure for taking decisions. The Executive Board is its main protagonist. It has representatives from each member country. Also, it should be mentioned that all full members have 1 vote each. Also, Associate members are represented as a whole by 1 vote. The same can be said about affiliate members.

Growing the sport is crucial for the International Cricket Council. For this reason, their 1st priority is to continuously organize the Cricket World Cup, which is one of the most popular sports events across the entire world.

As number 2 in terms of popularity, the organism has worked hard in spreading T20, as it is a very popular variation of the sport, especially with younger generations. It also has the best potential for helping with the expansion of the discipline. Finally, the 3rd top priority of the entity is to invite new countries to the club. The 2020s saw Ireland and Afghanistan being promoted to Full Members, which shows how important it is for the ICC to expand the reach of the sport.

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