The Risky Seas: Is Your Anchor for High-Risk Merchant Accounts?

Running a business is an exciting venture, but for some, accepting payments throws a wrench in the smooth sailing. If your industry falls under the “high-risk” category, securing a traditional merchant account can feel like finding a unicorn. This is where companies like step in, promising a safe harbor for businesses deemed too risky by mainstream providers. But before you set sail with them, let’s dive deeper into the waters of and see if they offer the calm passage you seek.

High-Risk: What Does It Mean?

Not all businesses are created equal in the eyes of payment processors. Industries like travel agencies, adult entertainment, and nutraceuticals are often flagged as “high-risk” due to higher chargeback rates, potential fraud, or regulatory concerns. This makes traditional merchant accounts wary, leaving these businesses struggling to accept online payments. The Claims and Promises positions itself as a champion for these “underdogs,” boasting a 99% approval rate and catering to a wide range of high-risk industries. They promote features like:

  • Competitive rates: Starting from 1.79%, they claim their fees are comparable to traditional providers.
  • Fast approvals: Get approved and start accepting payments within 48 hours.
  • Bad credit considered: They understand not every business owner has a perfect credit history.
  • Transparent pricing: No hidden fees or setup charges.

The Reefs: Potential Drawbacks

While the promises sound alluring, it’s crucial to navigate with caution. Some potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Limited information on fees: While advertised rates seem competitive, the full fee structure, including potential reserve requirements or chargeback penalties, might not be readily available.
  • Industry restrictions: While they cater to many high-risk industries, their website lacks clarity on specific exclusions or limitations.
  • Unverified testimonials: The website displays positive testimonials, but independent verification of their authenticity is missing.

Charting Your Course: Alternatives to Consider

  • Negotiate with your bank: Discuss your specific needs and see if they can accommodate you.
  • High-risk payment processors: Research reputable companies with transparent pricing and clear industry guidelines.
  • Payment aggregators: Consider platforms like PayPal or Stripe for specific services, but be aware of transaction limitations and fees.

The Crucial Questions: Do Your Research

  • Does cater to my specific industry and risk profile?
  • Are their fees truly transparent and competitive in the long run?
  • What are the customer support options and complaint resolution procedures?
  • Can I find independent reviews and verifications of their claims?

Conclusion might offer a potential solution for high-risk businesses, but proceed with informed caution. Conduct thorough research, compare alternatives, and prioritize transparency and clear communication before setting sail with them. Remember, a smooth and secure payment processing journey requires careful navigation and informed choices.


1. Is legitimate?

While they claim a high approval rate and cater to various industries, independent verification of their claims and fee structure is essential.

2. Are their fees truly competitive?

Advertised rates seem competitive, but hidden fees or reserve requirements might exist. Scrutinize their full fee structure.

3. What alternatives exist?

Negotiate with your bank, research reputable high-risk processors, or consider payment aggregators like PayPal or Stripe, being aware of their limitations.

4. What questions should I ask before choosing?

  • Does cater to your specific industry and risk profile?
  • Are their fees truly transparent and competitive in the long run?
  • What are the customer support options and complaint resolution procedures?
  • Can you find independent reviews and verifications of their claims?

5. What if I have further questions?

Contact directly for specific inquiries. Additionally, research independent reviews and consult payment processing experts for unbiased advice.

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