Finding the Best Doctor Loan Lenders: A Comprehensive Comparison

Access to first-class healthcare stays a big subject in a rustic as diverse and populous as India. While the scientific profession is reputable and critical, it’s no secret that the journey to becoming a health practitioner often calls for a good sized funding in which health practitioner loans show to be a treasured aid, leading to monetary aid, which those physicians are in want of!

Therefore, it becomes very important to find a lender that offers a competitive doctor loan interest rate. This blog will detail the importance of doctors’ loans and their potential benefits and impact on healthcare.

Why does one need a doctor loan?

Even though doctors generally make good money, they can still need them for a variety of reasons and can apply for doctor loan online, if need be. Here are some of the most common: 

  • Starting a practice or clinic

This can be a huge financial hurdle. Physician loans can help cover rent, maintenance, medical equipment, and initial supplies. 

  • Financing medical devices

State-of-the-artwork clinical devices can be luxurious. Physician loans may be used to purchase the device they need to function, improve patient care and doubtlessly increase their bottom line in the long run. 

  • Debt consolidation

Physicians also have amassed debt from clinical college, personal loans, or other resources. Doctor loans can provide aggressive doctor loan interest rate and can assist consolidate debt into one extra attainable month-to-month price

  • Continuing Education

The scientific profession is constantly evolving, and physicians frequently want to take continuing training guides to preserve their licensure and live modern-day with the ultra-modern trends. Physician loans can help pay for schooling fees. 

  • Unexpected charges

Life throws curveballs, and neither do doctors. Unexpected automobile upkeep, domestic emergencies, or medical payments can strain finances. To address these surprising fees, doctor loans provide brief financing.

What is a doctor loan eligibility?

Doctor loans are a kind of personal loan designed mainly for medical experts together with physicians, dentists, and surgeons. The medical doctor mortgage interest charge is competitive, has bendy payments and has extra borrowing potential in comparison to traditional private loans. 

These medical doctor loans are to be had to any certified clinical expert, furnished they meet the 4 crucial eligibility criteria listed under:

Additionally, applicants should put up specific documentation to complete the software procedure.


The applicant must be Indian. 


The minimum age requirement is 22 years, and the maximum is 80 years* (A higher age limit is required when the loan matures).


A minimum CIBIL score of 685 or above is required. 

Medical Records

The applicant’s medical degree must be duly registered with the medical board concerned.

Documents Required

Valid identity documents such as an Aadhaar card, passport, voter ID, driving license, or National Population Register (NPR) form. Additionally, NREGA projects can also be obtained.

PAN Card

Copy of Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card. 

Medical Registration Certificate

Documents to verify that the applicant is registered with the appropriate medical board. 

The doctor loan eligibility can be summed up once the requirements mentioned above are fulfilled. Any requirement apart from these is usually case-specific!

Which is the best app for doctor loan?

After graduation, I wanted to set up my own clinic and sought the necessary capital to start my own business. In this case, a friend recommended me to consider Bajaj Finserv for all my financial medical needs. 

Bajaj Finserv stood out for its competitive doctor loan interest rate plan and generous repayment period of around 84 weeks. These rewarding positions allowed me to make the best choices to meet my financial needs.


Doctor loans are an indispensable financial tool for doctors in India. They reduce the cost of education and provide access to practices and equipment by providing tailored financial support.

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