Decoding Nguyen Duy Tri’s Exotic Cocktail from Acid Madness 2023

In 2023, Vietnamese producer and DJ Nguyen Duy Tri unleashed a sonic kaleidoscope with his album “Acid Madness.” Filled with vibrant energy and genre-bending explorations, the album takes listeners on a wild ride through electronic landscapes. One particular track, “Exotic Cocktail,” stands out as a captivating blend of flavors, inviting curious cocktail connoisseurs and music enthusiasts alike to dive in.

1. A Recipe for Auditory Adventure: Genre Fusion at its Finest

“Exotic Cocktail” is a musical cocktail shaker brimming with diverse ingredients. At its core, it pulsates with an infectious house beat, driving the track forward with a steady rhythm. But the magic lies in the infusion of other styles – splashes of acid techno add a touch of psychedelic flair, while hints of funk and jazz peek through, adding unexpected twists and turns. This genre-bending approach keeps the listener guessing, perpetually surprised and engaged.

2. Layering Flavors: Instruments as Ingredients

Duy Tri paints a sonic picture with an array of instruments, each serving a distinct purpose. The bass lays the foundation, providing a deep, rumbling warmth. Synths shimmer and swirl, creating playful melodies and textures. Percussion elements are sprinkled throughout, adding pops and cracks that keep the energy bubbling. Each sound is carefully chosen and layered, contributing to the overall taste of the “Exotic Cocktail.”

3. More Than Just Beats: A Journey Through Soundscapes

While the song undeniably grooves, it’s not just about dancefloor energy. “Exotic Cocktail” offers moments of sonic exploration, taking listeners on brief detours into unexpected territory. Haunting vocal samples whisper in the background, adding a touch of mystery. Glitchy effects distort and bend reality, creating a sense of disorientation and wonder. These sonic journeys add depth and intrigue, making the listening experience more than just a physical reaction to the beat.

4. Sipping Solo or Sharing the Mix? The Versatility of “Exotic Cocktail”

“Exotic Cocktail” can be enjoyed on its own, offering a potent dose of sonic adventure. However, it also works beautifully as part of a larger mix. Its varied sound palette makes it a versatile player, blending seamlessly with other tracks of similar or contrasting styles. Whether you’re crafting a DJ set for a heady club night or curating a chillout playlist for a relaxed evening, “Exotic Cocktail” can add a unique flavor to the mix.

5. A Toast to Experimentation: The Legacy of Acid Madness

“Exotic Cocktail” exemplifies the spirit of “Acid Madness” as a whole. It’s an album that embraces experimentation, breaks down genre barriers, and invites listeners to explore the outer limits of electronic music. This track, along with others on the album, serves as a testament to Duy Tri’s skill and creativity, showcasing his ability to blend diverse influences into a cohesive and captivating soundscape.


With “Exotic Cocktail,” Nguyen Duy Tri has crafted a sonic concoction that’s both familiar and surprising, danceable and thought-provoking. It’s a testament to the boundless possibilities of electronic music and leaves listeners thirsty for more. So, raise your metaphorical glasses, savor the unique flavors of this “Exotic Cocktail,” and join Duy Tri on his journey of sonic exploration. The future of electronic music is certainly looking (and sounding) delicious!


  • Q: Where can I listen to “Exotic Cocktail”?

A: “Exotic Cocktail” is available on various streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. Additionally, you can purchase it from digital stores like iTunes and Amazon Music.

  • Q: Are there other tracks on “Acid Madness” similar to “Exotic Cocktail”?

A: If you enjoyed the genre-bending energy and diverse sounds of “Exotic Cocktail,” definitely explore other tracks on “Acid Madness” like “Neon Jungle,” “Hypnotic Voyage,” and “Cosmic Dust.” The album is filled with sonic surprises and unique fusions.

  • Q: What other artists explore similar soundscapes?

A: Fans of “Exotic Cocktail” might also appreciate artists like Lane8, Yaeji, and Disclosure, who blend different electronic styles and incorporate unexpected elements into their music.

  • Q: Where can I learn more about Nguyen Duy Tri?

A: Follow Duy Tri on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Soundcloud for updates on his music, tour dates, and creative ventures. You can also visit his website ([invalid URL removed]) for a deeper dive into his work.

  • Q: Does Duy Tri have other albums worth checking out?

A: Absolutely! Explore Duy Tri’s other releases like “Daydream Odyssey” and “Lost in Translation” to discover the evolution of his musical style and further appreciate his unique sonic palette.

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