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Beginner’s Guide to Luvme Hair Curly Hair Bundles and Styling Tips

Having a curly hairstyle not only looks chic but also ensures you look unique. Aside from having natural curly hair, many choose curly hairstyles because of their natural-looking benefits. However, for a beautiful and natural-looking curly hairstyle, you will need to know your way around curly hair bundles

This is a reliable guide for curly hair bundles and the right tips for styling curly hair. In this guide, you will gain knowledge on what curly hair bundles are, how much you need for a curly wig, the differences between curly hair bundles and straight hair bundles, and the right bangs for curly hair. This will come in handy for you if you are new to curly hair bundles, and also, if you already know about curly hair bundles, you will get to know more. 

How Many Bundles Do I Need for a Curly Wig?

One way or another, you may have thought or wondered how many bundles you will need for a full curly hair wig. This depends on various factors, majorly on your chosen appearance, and this also depends on the size of your head and the length of your hair. These factors will impact the final style and appearance of your hair. Also, to know the number of bundles needed for a curly wig, you must consider the thickness of the wig. For a curly wig, you will need 2-3 hair bundles

Ensure you get credible information and knowledge on the number of bundles you will need for your curly wig m. This is essential because it helps you make the right choice and keeps you in touch with your perfect style.

Differences Between Straight Hair Bundles and Curly Hair Bundles

There has been discussion on which is better and preferable between straight hair bundles and curly hair bundles. Due to their pleasing, bouncy, charming, and foreign look, curly hair bundles are attractive and more preferred than straight hair bundles. 

Both the straight hair bundles and the curly hair bundles come with their strengths and weaknesses. We will closely look at the features of each, comparing them, and you will decide which is better and preferable for you:

  • Little Effort to Maintain: Straight hair bundles require little effort to maintain. Because there are no curls or any twists and turns in the wig, they require less stress while combing through and keeping neat. Meanwhile, curly hair bundles require a lot of time to maintain and style. The curls on the hair require special attention and care to make them come out as fine and attractive as they should be. It needs a lot of hair equipment and oils to keep it neat and to maintain its curly nature. The curls also make it easy to tangle in brushes or combs, so one has to be careful in maintaining them.
  • Widely Acceptable: Straight hair bundles are acceptable in any formal working environment. It gives a sense of formality, especially in workplaces, and makes the wearer look decent, smart, and neat. Curly hair isn’t that quite acceptable in professional settings due to its alluring and gorgeous nature. Although it can be accepted in a few office settings, it will be made or styled formally for that to work out. Curly hair bundles are mainly for date nights on Saturdays.
  • Versatile to an Extent: Straight hair bundles are versatile but not extremely versatile. You can style them in different ways, like bobs, fringe, pixie cuts, and other straight hair styles you know of. However, there is not much creativity that comes with straight hair bundles.
  • Creativity: The curly hair bundles have an advantage over the straight hair bundles in creativity. It comes with the versatility to style it creatively in whatever style you want. With it, you won’t get bored wearing the same style for a long period, unlike the straight hair bundles, which you may get tired of after wearing the same style for a period.
  • Cost: When you look at the two hair bundles, it is obvious that the straight hair bundles are less expensive than the curly hair bundles. However, if you decide to go for the human hair bundles (extensions), it will cost you just about the same amount as the curly hair bundles. It is important to note that curly hair is more expensive than straight hair bundles.

What Kind of Bangs Are Good for Curly Hair?

Curly Hair Bundles

When it comes to the subject of the best bangs for your curly hair, it is inexhaustible. This is because numerous bangs can go with your curly hair bundles. Factors such as your hair type and your preferred hairstyle should also be considered in choosing the best bang for your hair.

However, it is widely proven and given that the face-framing layers or curtain bangs are the most preferred for curly hair bangs. If you want to enjoy more movement and the bouncy nature of curly hair, then you can opt for these hair bangs for your curly hair bundles. These bangs are lengthy around the outer layer and narrow in the middle, which provides for versatility in creativity.

Where Can I Buy Quality Curly Hair Bundles?

Luvme Hair provides the best curly hair bundles that meet your taste and needs. You can count on Luvme Hair to give you what you require in curly hair bundles. To learn more, you can visit their website. You will be glad you did.


Curly hair bundles are great for you if you desire full hair and want to add weight to your hair. Depending on your personal preferences and style, you can go for the bundles you desire. 

You will need to take extra care of curly bundles and ensure you style them to your taste. Finally, for versatility in creativity for styles, ensure you pick the right and the best hair bangs that will give you that extra touch of beauty.

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